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We pride ourselves with the freshest and tastiest food in all our three locations
MezzoRoma Catering
MezzoRoma offers reliable catering services at beating prices and market beating quality. With a wide variety of choices,o ur service standards are second to none, as is our attention to detail


Though it may sound traditional Italian, the truth behind the “MezoRoma” concept hides a deeper meaning. Our dishes and products are inspired from ancient times of the Mediterranean Sea region: Greece, Turkey, Rome, Arabia and Africa.
The Silk Route has enriched the Mediterranean kitchen greatly and this happened during the Alexandrian Roman times, hence the idea of our name:


The availability of new ingredients and the knowledge of different cooking techniques are the roots of the modern cuisine. Our menus are prepared with the idea of returning to those times, bringing together all the ingredients from the Silk Route and the several cooking techniques from the ancient tradition, creating combinations of flavours not commonly available in a “labeled” cuisine.

Good People, Good Words

  • As soon as I walked in, the staff very politely and energetically came around to help me out. I truly did love their Penne Arrabiata and the fresh orange juice was absolutely heavenly and refreshening!!! I'm quite a fussy person..nevertheless, hand to heart..after eating the strawberry cheesecake, I could not leave a bad feedback because I'm so delightful right now!!!...

    Irmak a
    Irmak a TripAdvisor
  • The Mezzoroma Lounge is a great place for weekend breakfast/brunch. But it also has an interesting and reasonably price evening menu too. A family orientated feel and a Mediterranean atmosphere. Very good value for money too.

    Lincoln A
    Lincoln A TripAdvisor